• “I am not a rehab. I provide love, care and support for one client at a time. If you want to drink alcohol and use drugs that is your business, if you want to stop active addiction and recover that is mine”

    Blu Dagan is a recovery coach that specialises in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, offering an intimate recovery program, tailor made for every client. He treats each individual client in an exclusive, confidential, one-on-one setting. Bali or world wide recovery on offer.

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Lessons From A Recovered Addict with Blu Dagan

  • What Do I offer

    - Personalised alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs for one individual client at a time

    - Exclusive, confidential and anonymous addiction treatment program in Bali

    - One-on-one addiction and sober counselling

    - Safe medical detox from alcohol and drug abuse supervised by doctor and psychiatrist

    - Support and guidance staying clean and sober from drugs and alcohol addiction

    - Offering coaching, support and tools for integration into day to day activity and life

    - Treating various current manifestations of addiction and/or alcoholism e.g. sex, gambling, food

    - Physical exercise, wellness and nutrition coaching programs

    - 12 step recovery based programs

    - Day and overnight trips around the Island of the Gods, Bali

Journey To Recovery


Savannah, 35 years old, 28 day program, January 2017

“For most of you who know me well (15-20+ years), you are familiar with the fact that most of my life has been ruled by drugs and alcohol, reckless and dangerous behaviour. The experience I had with Yanai Blu Dagan at Bali Blu Recovery was life changing. If he can get ME clean and sober and on a new path in life then there is hope for many others, I encourage all my friends and family to spread the word, with hope of changing the lives of other addicts and alcoholics as much as mine has changed for me.”

DD - 13 May 2019

"As a long term resident of Bali and multiple rehabs under my belt (never worked nor did I want them to) I wanted to try something different.I was (am) a chronic alcoholic/addict with a alcoholic partner who also needed some help. I did the 21 day program in which Blu guided me threw the detox and showed me a way of a life without using. Was a great experience and I would not have dreamt that today I am 30 days sober and counting. By Blu's presence the gift of freedom has also been granted to my partner who is also 30 days clean.For me it was a journey of recovery in my own "stomping grounds" which I have to deal with on a daily basis. I can't say rehab wouldn't have worked but I have my doubts as it's easy be sober in the bubble. Blu showed me how to live...CLEAN....I would highly recommend Bali Blu Recovery for those out there needing to make the change."

Andy, 9th July 2017 - 28 day program

"Hi, my name is Andrea. I'm 36 years old from Switzerland.Bali Blu Recovery, for me was an emotionally nurturing experience that brought me back to life. Full of empathy, patience and love. Bali Blu pierced into my sick soul and body which brought me back to the serenity of the spirit life; by using attentive care and compassion. A recovery process that was tailored for me and my individual needs. I have received many tools for my spirit that I will continue to use in my new life. My perspective on life has completely changed- that's amazing! With Bali Blu Recovery, despite being so far from home, I felt completely safe. And although English isn't my first language, it did not matter as Bali Blu speaks the language of the heart.I will always be grateful to Blu personally. Such a friendly and understanding person. Bali is amazing."

Jane, 39 Years Old, 10 day detox and recovery program, January 2017

“I went to Bali Blu Recovery in the hope of getting some relief from my addiction to drugs and food. I was desperate and in a mess and had been for a long time. I managed to kick alcohol but turned to drugs and food to replace it. Blu was there 24-7 but he also gave me the space I needed for my journey. Blu is a unique person offering a unique service. His knowledge of recovery is huge and personal and he has an innate ability to read what you are feeling and what you need at any given time. He honestly cared that I recover and still does. He pushed me out of my swampy comfort zone in a safe environment and into reality. And finally towards freedom.It was a truly amazing experience. I will be forever grateful for Blu, his passion, compassion and wisdom. I am living a life that is clean and useful where I can know peace. More is being revealed to me every day as the full impact of my time with Blu sinks in. I am living in true recovery. Trust the process.”

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