Who Am I

  • “I am not a rehab. I provide love, care and support for one client at a time. If you want to drink and use drugs that is your business, if you want to stop and recover that is mine”

    Blu Dagan is a dedicated and loyal recovery advocate. His passion for life and recovery has been built though 27 years of personal and professional experience. Blu’s first encounter with addiction was in the dark depth of despair at a young age. Through overcoming his own battle with addiction, Blu dedicated his life to helping others find their way back to the the light. He has extensive years experience working in recovery institutions, specialising in addiction. Blu brings his knowledge, passion and expertise in all aspects to provide others with a solution, which he himself applies in every day living through integration of a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional platform. Through the success of his own recovery, he offers a solution that works. His primary principles in working with others are based on a responsibility to his clients and loving compassionate care. He brings his own journey and experience to the lives of people who need it the most.