What Is It

  • Blu Dagan is a recovery coach that specialises in treating addiction and substance abuse, offering an intimate recovery program, tailor made for every client. He treats each individual client in an exclusive, confidential, one-on-one setting. Through this intensive and caring approach, he gives every client the best possible means of ensuring a successful long term recovery. Blu offers both a program suitable for the addict/alcoholic in active addiction and also for those whom have stopped drinking and using drugs and desperately require a treatment and solution that works.

    The environment will be developed exclusively for and conducive to any stage of the recovery process. He is flexible to the circumstances of the clients, offering them treatment based on their personal needs. Able to travel, he offers the choice of being in the comfort of the their own home, while incorporated into everyday commitments, or welcoming them to Bali where their journey to recovery can begin in a personalised and private environment. Blu offers unique 24 hour supervision through the initial phases of treatment, personally guiding clients through a safe detox ensuring them maximum support and care through the process.

  • Yanai's primary goal is to assist in the transformation of his clients entire life, enabling them to enjoy a life of freedom from the destruction of drinking and using drugs.

    In addition, he is providing guidance and teaching tools to support clients to live a happy and fulfilling life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Blu works intimately with the client, with complete integration into their daily life environment. He guides them through their daily life creating a real foundation that allows them to return to their active life with integrity, responsibility and commitment. Through this process, the client will be taught to reconnect, love and respect themselves. They will find a new empowered sense of self.